For the weekend of 19.-21. September, IGDA Estonia Game Jam 2014 gathered together over 100 participants who managed to make 14(!) really awesome games in just 48 hours! Congrats to the winners and all the participants who did such a great job throughout the weekend. Special thanks to Baltic Media School who hosted us during these 3 long days and all the sponsors and partners who made it all happen.

More information about the games will be updated soon, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, you can all re-live the high peak of the event – watch final presentations and announcing winners. Big thanks to Level1 for live streaming!

*1st Prize: 1000EUR by Adcash, free pass to the Intel Buzz Workshop in Stockholm (October 23rd), access to Softlayer Catalyst program (1000$ credit for any services or server usage), goodies by AppCampus

“Color Ninja”
Fast, fun, minimalistic but challenging level-based ninja game with new features in every level. Working prototype is ready on Android, planning to port to iOS as well. Monetization with IAPs
Play the game:
Team: Vitalii Lakusta, Rauno Villberg, Alise Semjonova, Scott Brewer, Leander Neiss, Fred Moritz, Thiago Amorim

*2nd Prize: ticket to Game Connection conference&expo (29.-31.October, Paris) by French Institute and Game Connection, access to Softlayer Catalyst program (1000$ credit for any services or server usage), free pass to the Intel Buzz Workshop in Stockholm (October 23rd), goodies by Creative Mobile

“F*ck Gravity”
An addictive game combining arcade, physics and space. It´s a gravity simulator, constantly advancing – different designs, types of asteroids, different types of gravity, things flying around in space are coming your way.
Team: Vitali Pavlov, Nauris Abolins, Kaspars Ruva, Renna Reemet, Jaanus Jagomägi, Elena Akhramenko

*3rd Prize: access to Softlayer Catalyst program (1000$ credit for any services or server usage), free pass to the Intel Buzz Workshop in Stockholm (October 23rd), goodies by Creative Mobile

“Lake Serene”
A stress relieving, relaxing meditative exploration game with the aim to teach concentration and patience.
Play the game:
Team: Mikk Luige, Riho Peterson, Madis Rääk, Paco Ulman

*Special prize:

“Bullet Party”
2D action platformer for mobile devices with lots of core elements from platform games like wall sliding, wall jumping and shooting which is limited only to left and right (no other aiming direction).
Flip Your Shit team: Taisto Valdlo, Eerik Kivistik, Taavi Viikman, Kristjan Järvan

Ace My Trace
Game teaching kids how to draw starting from very simple figures and moving to more difficult ones.
Team YRM: Maria Angelica Medina Angarita, Rain Tsapov, Yijang Yang

“E-Pig Space Traning”
Endless runner with Flappy Bird-like one-touch mechanics, starring a cute pig
Team: Nicolas Palacios, Olli Lahtinen

Game about reproduction and re-populating the earth, based on genetics and probability and analyizing the complexity of life. Playable demos for Mac OS, PC, Android, iOS and WP8
Team: Josè Prieto, Richard Sööt, Jhon Avila, Miko Luha

Co-op game for 2 players. The players need to co-operate to solve puzzles and tasks that advance by levels. The game is specifically built for self-made game controller which is like a dual gamepad.
Team: Ott Pilipenko, Sander Põldsaar

Better Than Life
Oculus Rift based game about how it feels like to be shot by arrows.
Playable demo: (requires Oculus Rift DK2)
Team: Rivo Laks, Heli-Maarja Varvas, Indrek Klanberg, Rauno Kiviberg, Allan Tatter, Jürno Ader

Co-op game for smartphones to be played in pubs and bars since requires a big screen. Be a Douchebag and get away with it or co-operate to get the Douchebag.
Team: Toomas Välja, Katrina Koppel, Karl Tõnissoo, Aare Puussaar, Mikk Martin, Jazeps Rutkis, Sven Raju, Khawaja Umair

“Super Squid Smash”
Engaging real-time local multi-player game about an epic battle between squids. To be ported to consoles, tablets and smartphones
Play the game:
Rikai Games team: Rene Rebane, Priit Kralla, Norman Niklus, Kristjan Lõhmus, Kaspar Roost

“Fetus Run”
Fun and challenging game with an objective to keep your fetus alive by dodging the dangers for the pregnancy such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and collecting hope crystals.
Team Fetus: Rauno Järvinen, Tatiana Beck, Hardi Niilo, Anton Servetnik, Toomas Häide, Märt Lõhmus

“Bengi In White”
Game about a painter who one day drinks too much wine and loses his colors and talent. Throughout the game he explores the white world trying to find the balloons that are coloring his way till the end.
Team: Adriana Sandu, Vita Krainik, Sopo Giorgadze, Fabienne Göller, Martin Pospesh

“The Trap”
Atmospheric thriller hame that can be re-played multiple times by generating random levels each time.
Try out the game: (use headphones for better understanding of the game mechanics)
Team: Sergei Dragunov, Dmitri Lomovski, Anna Semjonova

Besides above mentioned prizes, all the games developed during the event will get the opportunity to be showcased at Level1 MängudeÖÖ on October 25th, Fortumo will triple first payouts and Game Connection gives 15% discount for the Game Connection conference tickets for all teams participating. Just use promotion code: IFE14DIS

Estonian Casino Game Developers Game Jam is sponsored by GameFounders, Cashplay, Adcash, French Institute and Game Connection, Appcampus, Creative Mobile and Fortumo. The event’s media partner is Level 1. The event is funded from the European Social Fund’s entrepreneurship awareness program.