Playtech is one of the names in the casino industry that might not ring as many bells as Net Entertainment or Microgaming. However, what started out as a small venture has grown into one of the biggest game developers in Europe and today holds a key part of the whole gambling industry.

And what’s even more impressive – it all started from a little Estonian town Tartu.

Playtech was created in 1999, when not many knew what online gambling is all about. Innovative young men decided to change that and just a few years later they launched their first casino game. The rest – one might say – is history. Today, Playtech is known as one of the leading gambling software developers thanks to the company’s innovative portfolio which includes bingo, slots, table games and even one of the world’s largest poker networks.

The company’s enormous reach is undeniable. There aren’t many online casinos that haven’t partnered with Playtech. Modern solutions and unquestionably top-notch technology make one gasp air in disbelief if someone says the giant company is actually from Estonia – the smallest Baltic state and one of the smallest European countries.

Playtech’s game portfolio proves its worth

A game developer is as good as is its portfolio. Well, Playtech’s portfolio is without a doubt impressive, to say the least.

The company’s portfolio is evergrowing and includes hundreds of games, most noteworthy of those being Marvel-themed slots. To add to the company’s list of remarkable collaborations, Playtech works with Warner Brothers studio to create even more elaborate and interactive slot games.

One of the most important parts in Playtech’s portfolio is the company’s poker network which is said to be the world’s biggest iPoker network. The network has at least 2500 players active at any given time during the day, making it also one of the most active networks.

On top of that, Playtech has developed an impressive bingo software which is one of the reasons why the company holds a 40% online bingo market share in the UK.

As if all of that is not impressive enough, Playtech has an amazing live-casino portfolio which is constantly expanding. In 2017, the company opened the world’s biggest live casino studio in Riga, covering as much as 8500 square meters under its gigantic studio.

As you might see, one of the keys to Playtech’s success has been the company’s diverse range. Contrary to many developers, Playtech hasn’t stuck to one genre and instead has ventured to all possible gambling types, covering an enormous range of game options.

A force to be reckoned with

Every gambler prefers to play games that offer the best payouts and bonuses. Playtech isn’t shy in this department either, organizing various campaigns regularly and offering those campaigns through their partner casinos.

Playtech has developed even a few progressive jackpot slots, offering a serious competition to other game developers who, in the past, have mainly differed from others for their jackpots and campaigns.

With 5000 employees, 140 global licenses and hundreds of games, Playtech is a company that shouldn’t be underrated. If you ever see a game carrying Playtech’s blue logo, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a game created by dedicated developers and a company who doesn’t compromise on quality.