Many people say that video games are addictive and it just a source of entertainment. They say that it is not helpful in any way and is just a waste of time. Well, recent research has proved otherwise. They say that playing video games is useful for children and adults as they improve cognitive and motor skills. Some of the significant benefits of playing video games are

Improved Coordination

The people who are playing games are not just looking at a blank screen. It is not just mindless killings. These days video games have a lot of visual activities which provide mental simulation. For a person to play, he/she will have to coordinate their visual audial and physical movements.

Improved Attention and Concentration

Well, if there is one thing we know they video games can do it is capturing the player’s attention for a long time, that is, for the entire period of the game. This is brought by the player’s need to achieve the objective within the game so that he can keep on playing the game and progress forward. This results in increased attention and concentration.

Multitasking skills

Every game has a certain amount of difficulty unless you are playing in the “Rookie” mode. In every action game, you have to check if enemies are trying to kill you regularly. You have to check your ammunition and check if you have enough life left to fight. All these things come under multitasking as you’re doing more than one thing to stay alive and hence increases your skills in that segment.


Source of learning

Video games are excellent sources of knowledge because people tend to play it as its fun and you get to learn something as well. Many teaching techniques now make use of small games which children play in their classes. This makes the class interesting, and the type of games used are aimed at specifically aimed at improving the cognitive ability of the children. Another thing you learn is Languages. You get to learn certain words used in languages in many games by hearing it a couple of thousand times. For example, you can learn Spanish by playing Assasin’s Creed.

These are some of the many advantages of video games, and there are many more to it. However, people do say that too much of something is also wrong. Make sure you don’t play too much video games, as that is also bad. But, it is fun and helpful if you play it sometimes.